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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Quechee, Vermont(Hartford, Vermont)

Anthony and I spent a nice day in Quechee, Vermont (which is a part of Hartford, Vermont). First we hiked to the bottom of Quechee Gorge. It was a nice walk down, and certainly worth it for the views. Be warned though that the hike back up is steep, though fairly short.


We did some antiquing at Antique Mall, located within Quechee Gorge Village. We purchased a music box-photo album. Because I am also a genealogist, I feel the need to mention that the book is inscribed with Edith Styles name, Chehalis, Washington, December 25, 1910 (in case someone out there might care... and if you are related, I'd love to hear more about the woman who once owned it).

After that, we had dinner in the Quechee Diner. Part of the diner is located in an old train car. Unfortunately, the train car was full so we had to eat in the other area of the diner. The food really wasn't great, and the waitstaff seemed very scatter-brained. I am really bummed that we didn't get to eat in the train car, because then it would have made the experience at least worth it.

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